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Pest's Pads

The minimal price on the Steam market 9,72 q.

Pest's Pads

Unique, Cosmetic, Scout, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 40 Pads

Mercenary Grade Pads

Style: Class Logo

Summer 2022 Cosmetics Collection

The Decorated Veteran


Kazan Karategi

Soda Cap

Monsieur Grenouille

Head Banger

Night Vision Gawkers

The Lawnmaker

Squatter's Right

Tropical Camo

The Hawaiian Hangover

The Detective

Fizzy Pharmacist

The Ripped Rider

Boston Brain Bucket

✔ Pest's Pads

The Western Wraps

The Chaser

Hawaiian Hunter

Barefoot Brawler

Combat Casual

Tactical Turtleneck

The Throttlehead

The Team Player

Undercover Brolly

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Pest's Pads
Pest's Pads

Team Fortress 2

Level 40 Pads

14,94 q
Pest's Pads
Pest's Pads

Team Fortress 2

Level 83 Pads

14,95 q