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How it works?

The exchange takes a few seconds, if not forget to follow our trade rules. Most items displayed for sale have the lower price than in the Steam marketplace! We are a legally registered company so you can trust Us!

Description of principle of operation of the marketplace. acts as guarantor for fast automated exchange and sale of cosmetic items and games (GIFT) between buyer and seller. Unlike conventional transactions such as "you give me items, and I send you money" in 85% of cases one of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations. Our site provides a 100% guarantee for getting money for the sold goods and receive purchased items.

Sale and Purchase of CS:GO, Dota2, TF2
Sale and Purchase of Games (Gifts)

A few simple steps for buying and selling items from CS: GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2

Here's how it works:

  1. The seller selects the item from his inventory and sets its price at which ready to sell it.
  2. The buyer finds the item on the site and makes a purchase request by clicking the "Buy" button.
  3. Market immediately gives a command the bot to make the offer of a trade of the purchased item and is awaiting its transfer to the seller within 30 minutes.
  4. If the seller sends the item to the bot, the system adds the money on his account, and the buyer can safely take the item to his inventory.
  5. After that, the buyer must as soon as possible to take items out of the bot to the account. Each purchased on the market item gets 4 hours warranty. The guarantee is needed in order to fully reimburse the cost of the purchased item to you, in the case of the bot, holding a purchased item, banned (in rare cases). If you do not want to or cannot take the item within 4 hours of purchase, your warranty will disappear and the site will not return the money in case of blocking the bot. So, do not forget about purchased items, and take them out as soon as possible!
  6. If the seller does not transfer the item within an 30 minutes, the transaction is cancelled, the buyer gets the spent money back on the account, and the seller receives penalty points. If the seller does not transfer items to the bot 4 times in a row, he is unable to trade on the market within 24 hours.

Thus, in compliance with the rules of the Market, in any case you get either the item or the money for it if something went wrong.

Please note!

  1. When placing an item for sale it does not leave the limits of your inventory.
  2. Adding to list for sale items with counters murders and different gems, remove them from your gear. If the item will change the properties (for example, changed the number of murders), issues with transferring can occur.

Why is it better to buy and sell games with us?

  1. We have a system of cumulative discounts. Your commissions sale on the site, can be 6% instead of the initial 10%.
  2. Free and unlimited editing prices for sale of the game.
  3. Free lots for sale games, in unlimited quantities.
  4. Absolutely free moderation of the gift.
  5. Our market is very easy to use and accessible to everyone.
  6. The price in our market is lower than in Steam.

A few simple steps for purchasing and selling your own games

Here's how it works:

  1. The seller chooses the game from his inventory and sets its price at which ready to sell it.
  2. Once the seller has selected the game for sale, he passes it to our bot.
  3. The buyer finds the game on the website and makes a purchase request by clicking the "Buy" button.
  4. Further, the buyer agrees with the terms of the purchase of the game.
  5. After confirmation of the purchase, the buyer is given a link to the game, which he can activate on any of his accounts. Activation of the game is possible in two ways: 1) Add the game to your Steam library. 2) Add the game to your inventory (e.g., to give it to a friend).
  6. Once the buyer has received the game, the seller shall be credited the money that he can easily withdraw in any convenient way.
  7. You can even sell those games that You just bought on Steam, and if there are restrictions on the transfer of 30 days. These games have a different transfer system to our bots (transfer system shown in the video above). Other games that have no restrictions will be transferred with a help of the trade offer.