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Trade rules

These rules are explanations and do not replace the conditions contract.

  • Our system works on the principle of marketplace: all offer for the sale and purchase are generated by users. Users are offered the best from the options of buying and selling.

  • Any user can sell any items in his/her inventory. Placing an item for sale does not lead to the loss of the item from inventory on Steam, and only indicates that you want to sell the item.

  • You must be online so buyers could see your items displayed for sale.

  • In the absence of Internet connection, all of your displayed for sale items are no longer appear in the list of items available for purchase.

  • For sale on the marketplace a commission of 10% is charged.

  • After payment by the buyer, the seller must transfer the necessary item to our system within 30 minutes. If an item is transferred, then the transaction is considered completed. If the item is not transferred within 30 minutes, the transaction is cancelled and the seller gets penal points that will establish the seller as unscrupulous. After the item is purchased, buyer may cancel the transaction, in this case, he also gets penal points.

  • In case of a successful purchase, the item will be placed on a page of your inventory on our website and within 4 hours you will have to collect this item to your Steam profile. We do not guarantee the opportunity to get the item or refund its value upon expiration of 4 hours after completion of the transaction.

  • After the sale of an item in our system, you will need to transfer the item to our bot, then the funds for the sale will be credited to your account within 5 minutes.

  • The system may not withdraw things into your Steam account, if the exchange is blocked. The system is not responsible for any losses associated with this.

  • Deposit may be made with different payment systems, replenishment takes place immediately after the respective payment account. In case of a failure and the delay of payment of more than an hour, contact technical support.

  • In most cases the withdrawal will be made within 15 minutes, however, there may be delay up to 3 working days. The withdrawal of unused funds is possible only after 5 days after they are credited to the account.

  • Do not create an application if you are not going to sell or purchase items.