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Specialized Killstreak Iron Wood Mk.II Rescue Ranger (Field-Tested)
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The minimal price on the Steam market 119,99 ₽.

Specialized Killstreak Iron Wood Mk.II Rescue Ranger (Field-Tested)

Decorated weapon, Primary weapon, Engineer, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

This item name is changed to: ''Crotch gun''

Freelance Grade Shotgun (Field-Tested)

Alt-Fire: Use 100 metal to pick up your targeted building from long range

Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings

Sheen: Mean Green

Killstreaks Active

-34% clip size

-50% max primary ammo on wearer

Self mark for death when hauling buildings

4-to-1 health-to-metal ratio when repairing buildings

''ur nuts go pop''

Gift from: limeade32

Date Received: Friday, June 11, 2021 (6:02:40) GMT

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