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Unusual Headhunter's Brim
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The minimal price on the Steam market 3 480,86 ₽.

Unusual Headhunter's Brim

Unusual, Cosmetic, Sniper, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 44 Hat

Commando Grade Hat

★ Unusual Effect: Moth Plague

Ghoulish Gains Collection


The Onimann

Road Rage

Alcoholic Automaton

Cranial Cowl

Victorian Villainy

Dustbowl Devil

The Lavish Labwear

Road Block

Safety Stripes

The Masked Fiend

★ Headhunter's Brim

Starlight Sorcerer

Nightbane Brim

Horror Shawl

Bombard Brigadier

Beaten and Bruised

Firearm Protector

The Imp's Imprint

Hunting Cloak

More Gun Marshal

The Turncoat

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1 pc.