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Unusual Lucky Cat Hat
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Unusual Lucky Cat Hat

Unusual, Cosmetic, Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy, Pyro, Spy, Engineer, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 5 Hat

This item name is changed to: ''TOUCHY GARFIELD''

Elite Grade Hat

Paint Color: An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge

★ Unusual Effect: Omniscient Orb

''The All Seeing''

Violet Vermin Collection

★ Lucky Cat Hat

Mr. Quackers


Defragmenting Hard Hat 17%

Aim Assistant

The Tank Top

Athenian Attire

Pyro in Chinatown


Gaelic Glutton

The Arachno-Arsonist


Vampire Vanquisher

Hephaistos' Handcraft

Olympic Leapers


Highway Star

Bandit's Boots

Murderer's Motif


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