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Strange Roaming Roman
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The minimal price on the Steam market 18,33 ₽.

Strange Roaming Roman

Strange, Cosmetic, Soldier, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Strange Hat - Points Scored: 33

Mercenary Grade Hat

Summer 2021 Cosmetics Collection


Crustaceous Cowl

Fast Food

The Panisher

The Sightliner

Water Waders

Meal Dealer

Crocodile Dandy

Snack Stack

Thousand-Yard Stare

Hook, Line, and Cinder

Two Punch Mann

Reel Fly Hat

Fried Batter

Wild Brim Slouch

Brim of Fire

✔ Roaming Roman

Manndatory Attire

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9,99 ₽9,33 ₽8,88 ₽8 ₽7,77 ₽ or less
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