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Unusual Professional Killstreak Gift Wrapped Shortstop (Field-Tested)
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Unusual Professional Killstreak Gift Wrapped Shortstop (Field-Tested)

Unusual, Primary weapon, Scout, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Mercenary Grade Peppergun (Field-Tested)

★ Unusual Effect: Cool

When weapon is active:

Killstreaker: Hypno-Beam

Sheen: Manndarin

Killstreaks Active

Increase in push force taken from damage and airblast

Holds a 4-shot clip and reloads its entire clip at once.
Alt-Fire to reach and shove someone!

Mann Co.'s latest in high attitude
break-action personal defense.

The Special Delivery

The Shortstop

Mad Milk

The Holy Mackerel

The Milkman

Item Set Bonus:

Leave a Calling Card on your victims

Winter 2019 Collection

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