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The Shrapnel Shell
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The minimal price on the Steam market 28,03 ₽.

The Shrapnel Shell

Unique, Cosmetic, Demoman, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 11 Cosmetic Armor

Commando Grade Cosmetic Armor

Style: Sticky

Summer 2023 Cosmetics Collection

Cranium Cooler

Full Metal Helmet

The Glorious Gambeson

The Flame Warrior


Cranium Cover

Brother Mann

Cleaner's Cap

✔ The Shrapnel Shell

Hog Heels

Close Quarters Cover

The Soho Sleuth

Hazard Handler

Preventative Measure

Prohibition Opposition

Brothers in Blues

The Firestalker

The Bushman

Medical Emergency

Brimmed Bootlegger

Heavy Metal

The Blast Bowl

Cargo Constructor

Le Professionnel

Stealth Bomber

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7,77 ₽
1 pc.
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The Shrapnel Shell
The Shrapnel Shell

Team Fortress 2

Level 11 Cosmetic Armor

35 ₽