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Strange Anodized Aloha Scattergun (Battle Scarred)
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Strange Anodized Aloha Scattergun (Battle Scarred)

Strange, Primary weapon, Scout, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

This item name is changed to: ''Sent you to a nice vacation, HELL.''

Mercenary Grade Scattergun (Battle Scarred)

Strange Stat Clock Attached

Kills: 105

Jungle Jackpot Collection

Park Pigmented War Paint

Sax Waxed War Paint

Yeti Coated War Paint

Macaw Masked War Paint

Croc Dusted War Paint

Piña Polished War Paint

✔ Anodized Aloha War Paint

Bamboo Brushed War Paint

Tiger Buffed War Paint

Leopard Printed War Paint

Mannana Peeled War Paint

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