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Autographed Coco the Courageous
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Autographed Coco the Courageous

Mythical, Autographed, Courier, Other

Dota 2

Mythical courier

This item name is changed to: ''ебаный хуесос с пивариком для алкашей''

Gift From: idc

Date Received: Jan 22, 2023 (2:24:18)

Dedication: моему самому лучшему другу, который подарил мне улыбку в этом проклятом мире

True courage is not how high you can hold a sword but how high you can hold your spirit... And sometimes, even the strongest of heroes need their spirit boosted! Introducing Coco, a courageous courier of the Redpaw Brewery, determined to bring brew to the battlefield at any cost! No longer shall a heroes thirst go unquenched! The call for brew is sacred and by oath it must be upheld! The brew must flow.

Autographed by Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden
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