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Heroic Penumbral Warblade
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Heroic Penumbral Warblade

Rare, Heroic, Wearable, Phantom assassin

Dota 2

Rare Blade

Used By: Phantom Assassin

Date: Dec 25, 2016 (6:59:55)

Penumbral Vesture

{a}Penumbral Crest{/a}

{a}Penumbral Cloak{/a}

{a}Penumbral Hood{/a}

{a}Penumbral Shawl{/a}

{a}Penumbral Warblade{/a}

At the edge of darkness, her warblade shimmers like a piece of dusk cut loose.


Triple Kill

lover of Unknown Team scored a triple kill against Unknown Team on Dec 25, 2016 (6:59:55).

MatchID: 2871141340

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