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Inscribed Dark Artistry Belt
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The minimal price on the Steam market 562 ₽.

Inscribed Dark Artistry Belt

Immortal, Inscribed, Wearable, Invoker

Dota 2

Immortal arms

Used By: Invoker

The International 2016

Dark Artistry

{a}Dark Artistry Cape{/a}

{a}Dark Artistry Hair{/a}

{a}Dark Artistry Bracers{/a}

{a}Dark Artistry Belt{/a}

{a}Dark Artistry Pauldrons{/a}

Belt of the formal battle dress of a crumbled and forgotten academy for the mystic arts, claimed as rite and tribute on the day its star pupil decided to break free.

Kills: 286
Inscribed Gem

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