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Unusual Coco the Courageous
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Unusual Coco the Courageous

Mythical, Unusual, Courier, Other

Dota 2

Mythical courier

This item name is changed to: ''CHELSEA FC WATERBOY''

True courage is not how high you can hold a sword but how high you can hold your spirit... And sometimes, even the strongest of heroes need their spirit boosted! Introducing Coco, a courageous courier of the Redpaw Brewery, determined to bring brew to the battlefield at any cost! No longer shall a heroes thirst go unquenched! The call for brew is sacred and by oath it must be upheld! The brew must flow.

Bleak Hallucination
Ethereal Gem
Ships in the Night
Prismatic Gem
Gold Earned: 75346551
Inscribed Gem
Games Played: 5018
Inscribed Gem
Team Empire
Games Watched: 40

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