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Autographed Sparrowhawk Bow
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Autographed Sparrowhawk Bow

Rare, Autographed, Wearable, Windranger

Dota 2

Rare Bow

This item name is changed to: ''Сhastener of Asses''

Used By: Windranger

This weapon has a custom Powershot animation.

This item unlocks custom animations when worn with other pieces of the set.

Flight of the Sparrowhawk

Sparrowhawk Bow

Sparrowhawk Cape

Sparrowhawk Hood

Sparrowhawk Quiver

Sparrowhawk Wings

Strong, but light as a feather, this bow of the sparrowhawk will fly your arrows true to their targets.

( Not Deletable )

Kills: 927
Inscribed Gem
International 2021 Autograph by XBOCT
Autograph Rune

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