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Algid Legacy
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The minimal price on the Steam market 3,83 ₽.

Algid Legacy

Mythical, Standard, Wearable, Drow ranger

Dota 2

Mythical Bow

Used By: Drow Ranger


Default Style

Ambient Effect Unlock (Locked)

Algid Falcon

{a}Algid Legacy{/a}

{a}Algid Falcon Bracer{/a}

{a}Algid Falcon Greaves{/a}

{a}Algid Falcon Cape{/a}

{a}Algid Falcon Quiver{/a}

{a}Algid Falcon Pauldron{/a}

{a}Algid Falcon Helm{/a}

Ambient particle effects can be unlocked on this item using the Tribute Upgrade Infuser - Fall Season 2015.

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