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Autographed Aspect of Oscilla
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Autographed Aspect of Oscilla

Immortal, Autographed, Wearable, Silencer

Dota 2

Immortal shield

Used By: Silencer

The International 2020

Though the Orbs of Oscilla had garnered intense study and spurred divisive debate spanning entire epochs of arcane methodology, Nortrom was the first to posit that these artifacts were no mere items of power, but astral appendages of some great creature, each of which might be used to locate further pieces of a terrifying whole.

Kills: 1312
Inscribed Gem
Gold Earned: 2288622
Inscribed Gem
International 2021 Autograph by dendi
Autograph Rune
Kill Assists: 1291
Inscribed Gem

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