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Assistant's Muscle Pump

The minimal price on the Steam market 0,27 ₽.

Assistant's Muscle Pump

Uncommon, Standard, Wearable, Alchemist

Dota 2

Uncommon Pump

Used By: Alchemist

Alchemy Essentials

{a}Assistant's Respirator{/a}

{a}Assistant's Cutter{/a}

{a}Assistant's Blades of Scientific Inquiry{/a}

{a}Experimentalist's Laboratory Essentials{/a}

{a}Experimentalist's Goggles{/a}

{a}Experimentalist's Unstable Flask{/a}

{a}Assistant's Muscle Pump{/a}

With its triple reinforced outer shell, it's technically safer inside this pipe than in most castles.

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