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Shadow in the Deep Bracers

The minimal price on the Steam market 525,01 ₽.

Shadow in the Deep Bracers

Immortal, Standard, Wearable, Slark

Dota 2

Immortal arms

Used By: Slark

Shadow in the Deep

{a}Shadow in the Deep Bracers{/a}

{a}Shadow in the Deep Helm{/a}

{a}Shadow in the Deep Dagger{/a}

{a}Shadow in the Deep Back{/a}

{a}Shadow in the Deep Armor{/a}

Once impenetrable, the vaults of Dark Reef are ripe for plunder in the wake of Siltbreaker's upending of his sunken hell. For a former resident with a head for the layout and a talent for the knife, there's no telling what treasures might be raised.

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