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Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Dinner Bringer
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The minimal price on the Steam market 9,19 ₽.

Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Dinner Bringer

Uncommon, Auspicious, Wearable, Pudge

Dota 2

Uncommon Hook

Used By: Pudge

New Bloom 2014

The Ol' Chopper

{a}The Ol' Chopper's Grizzled Face{/a}

{a}The Ol' Chopper's Cleaver{/a}

{a}The Ol' Chopper's Choppin' Arm{/a}

{a}The Ol' Chopper's Chains{/a}

{a}The Ol' Chopper's Meat Jacket{/a}

{a}The Ol' Chopper's Dinner Bringer{/a}

Y'know, someone once told me it ain't the hook catching you that really hurts, but when I take it back out.

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