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Frostreach Brigands Scarf
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The minimal price on the Steam market 6,02 ₽.

Frostreach Brigands Scarf

Rare, Standard, Wearable, Alchemist

Dota 2

Rare back

Used By: Alchemist

Frostreach Brigands

{a}Frostreach Brigands Axes{/a}

{a}Frostreach Brigands Shoulders{/a}

{a}Frostreach Brigands Thermos{/a}

{a}Frostreach Brigands Hat{/a}

{a}Frostreach Brigands Scarf{/a}

{a}Frostreach Brigands Bracers{/a}

{a}Frostreach Brigands Harness{/a}

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