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Sylvan Guard's Cape
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Sylvan Guard's Cape

Uncommon, Standard, Wearable, Drow ranger

Dota 2

Uncommon Cape

Used By: Drow Ranger

Sylvan Guard's Finery

{a}Sylvan Guard's Boots{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Bow{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Cape{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Hair{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Quiver{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Cuffs{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Dress Armor{/a}

Stealth is of utmost importance to those who number themselves among the Sylvan Guard. Even Drow finds this an acceptable cape for moving unseen through the wooded ways.

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