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King Kringle Helm
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King Kringle Helm

Legendary, Обычная, Украшение, Wraith king

Dota 2

Аксессуар, Legendary

Используется: Wraith King

Набор King Kringle

King Kringle Arms

King Kringle Armor

King Kringle Back

King Kringle Helm

King Kringle Shoulder

King Kringle's Tannenkromm

When up on the roof, with a house-shaking thud,

A creature had landed, and sniffed for our blood.

A sword could be heard being dragged ‘cross the shingles;

Then the chimney exploded, and in came King Kringle.

—excerpt from the holiday classic “Eyewitness Accounts of the Frostivus Massacre”

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