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Crimson Cache Case

The minimal price on the Steam market 4,92 q.

Crimson Cache Case

Unique, Crate, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

This Case is locked and requires a
Crimson Cache Key to open.

Contains a community made item
from the Crimson Cache Collection.

Contents may be Unusual with a Halloween 2021 effect

Crimson Cache Collection

Towering Patch of Pumpkins

Wandering Wraith

The Bone Cone

Gruesome Gourd

Optic Nerve

The Hook, Line, and Thinker




Second-head Headwear

Smiling Somen

The Corpse Carrier

Trickster's Treats

Spooky Head-Bouncers

Creepy Crawlers

Twisted Topper

The Scariest Mask EVER

Hat Outta Hell

Death Stare

Beanie The All-Gnawing

Case Exclusive Bonus Item(s):

Poopy Doe

Batter's Beak

War Dog

Miami Rooster

Computron 5000

Case Global Unusual Effect(s)

★ Unusual Effect: Tempered Thorns

★ Unusual Effect: Devilish Diablo

★ Unusual Effect: Severed Serration

★ Unusual Effect: Shrieking Shades

★ Unusual Effect: Restless Wraiths

★ Unusual Effect: Restless Wraiths

★ Unusual Effect: Infernal Wraith

★ Unusual Effect: Phantom Crown

★ Unusual Effect: Ancient Specter

★ Unusual Effect: Viridescent Peeper

★ Unusual Effect: Eyes of Molten

★ Unusual Effect: Ominous Stare

★ Unusual Effect: Pumpkin Moon

★ Unusual Effect: Pumpkin Moon

★ Unusual Effect: Pumpkin Moon

★ Unusual Effect: Frantic Spooker

★ Unusual Effect: Frightened Poltergeist

★ Unusual Effect: Energetic Haunter

Case Global Bonus Item(s)

Paint Cans!
Taunt Unusualifiers!
MvM Tickets!
And TF2 Tools!

Inspect for full list of unusual effects and more details

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