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Strange Merc Stained Stickybomb Launcher (Field-Tested)

The minimal price on the Steam market 654,35 q.

Strange Merc Stained Stickybomb Launcher (Field-Tested)

Strange, Secondary weapon, Demoman, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

This item name is changed to: ''Unfulfilled dreams about mercy.''

Mercenary Grade Stickybomb Launcher (Field-Tested)

Strange Stat Clock Attached

Kills: 26583

''When i press M2 someone dies, and i can't help it. Even when i doing sticky jump''

Infernal Reward Collection

Fire Glazed War Paint

Freedom Wrapped War Paint

Dream Piped War Paint

Bonk Varnished War Paint

Bank Rolled War Paint

Kill Covered War Paint

Pizza Polished War Paint

Clover Camo'd War Paint

Quack Canvassed War Paint

✔ Merc Stained War Paint

Star Crossed War Paint

Cardboard Boxed War Paint

Bloom Buffed War Paint

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