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Festive Black Box

The minimal price on the Steam market 59,87 q.

Festive Black Box

Unique, Primary weapon, Soldier, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Limited Level 96 Rocket Launcher

On Hit: Gain up to +20 health per attack

-25% clip size

The Tank Buster

The Black Box

The Battalion's Backup

Grenadier's Softcap

Item Set Bonus:

Leave a Calling Card on your victims.

The appearance of items in the list below may differ from the above. For example, items may have different names, descriptions, colors, stickers, gems. Before buying hover on the image of the item to view its full description.
Festive Black Box
Festive Black Box

Team Fortress 2

Limited Level 87 Rocket Launcher

99 q

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