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Skull Cracked War Paint (Factory New)

Item is missing on the STEAM marketplace.

Skull Cracked War Paint (Factory New)

Decorated weapon, War paint, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Mercenary Grade War Paint (Factory New)

Can be redeemed for an item with the same pattern.

Scream Fortress XIII Collection

Misfortunate War Paint

Party Phantoms War Paint

Broken Bones War Paint

Swashbuckled War Paint

Neon-ween War Paint

Polter-Guised War Paint

Necromanced War Paint

✔ Skull Cracked War Paint

Simple Spirits War Paint

Potent Poison War Paint

Searing Souls War Paint

Kiln & Conquer War Paint

Sarsparilla Sprayed War Paint

This is a limited use item. Uses: 1

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Skull Cracked War Paint (Factory New)
Skull Cracked War Paint (Factory New)

Team Fortress 2

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