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The Bottle Cap

The minimal price on the Steam market 24,46 q.

The Bottle Cap

Unique, Cosmetic, Scout, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 37 Hat

Mercenary Grade Hat

Style: Bonk

Summer 2019 Cosmetics Collection

Texas Toast

The Peacebreaker

Bobby Bonnet

The Bare Necessities

The Fiery Phoenix

Unforgiven Glory

Spawn Camper

Backbreaker's Skullcracker

Kapitan's Kaftan

Wagga Wagga Wear

Speedy Scoundrel

Dynamite Abs


Melted Mop

Wanderer's Wear

Backbreaker's Guards

Mediterranean Mercenary

Stapler's Specs

The Pompous Privateer

✔ The Bottle Cap

Brain Interface

Dancing Doe

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The Bottle Cap
The Bottle Cap

Team Fortress 2

Level 37 Hat

39,37 q
The Bottle Cap
The Bottle Cap

Team Fortress 2

Level 95 Hat

155 q