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Unusual Nuke

The minimal price on the Steam market 2 417,92 q.

Unusual Nuke

Unusual, Cosmetic, Soldier, Heavy, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 25 Hair

This item name is changed to: ''It's Time to Kick Gum And Chew Ass''

Mercenary Grade Hair

Paint Color: Ye Olde Rustic Colour

★ Unusual Effect: Gravelly Ghoul

''And I'm All Out of Ass. - Dick Kickem''

Abominable Cosmetic Collection

Quizzical Quetzal

The War Eagle

The Aztec Aggressor

Jungle Jersey

Tropical Toad

Rifleman's Regalia


Transparent Trousers

The Croaking Hazard

The Hunter in Darkness

Fireman's Essentials

Bait and Bite

The Most Dangerous Mane

The Shellmet

Forest Footwear

Attack Packs

The Classy Capper

The Pithy Professional

Conaghers' Utility Idol

★ The Nuke

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