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Strange Specialized Killstreak Phlogistinator

The minimal price on the Steam market 212,55 q.

Strange Specialized Killstreak Phlogistinator

Strange, Primary weapon, Pyro, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Strange Flame Thrower - Kills: 0

Build 'Mmmph' by dealing damage.
Alt-Fire on full 'Mmmph': Taunt to gain crit for several seconds.
Invulnerable while 'Mmmph' taunting.

Sheen: Hot Rod

Killstreaks Active

No random critical hits

No airblast

Being a revolutionary appliance capable of awakening the fire element phlogiston that exists in all combustible creatures, which is to say, all of them.

Dr. Grordbort's Moonman Pack

The Phlogistinator

The Third Degree

The Manmelter

The Moonman Backpack

The Bubble Pipe

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