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Strange Fire Tooth

The minimal price on the Steam market 710,31 q.

Strange Fire Tooth

Strange, Cosmetic, Pyro, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Strange Mask - Points Scored: 1939

Assassin Grade Mask

(Teammates Extinguished: 244)

Wicked Windfall Collection

All Hallows' Hatte



Misfortune Fedora


✔ The Fire Tooth

Semi-tame Trapper's Hat

Gourd Grin

Sir Pumpkinton

Impish Ears


Glow from Below

The Ghoul Box


Hollowed Helm

Handsome Devil

A Handsome Handy Thing

Calamitous Cauldron

Flavorful Baggies

King Cardbeard

The Boom Boxers

The Seared Sorcerer

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