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Specialized Killstreak Nostromo Napalmer

The minimal price on the Steam market 269,93 q.

Specialized Killstreak Nostromo Napalmer

Unique, Primary weapon, Pyro, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 10 Flame Thrower

This item name is changed to: ''Spoder's Napalmer''

Extinguishing teammates restores 20 health

Halloween: Halloween Fire (spell only active during event)

Sheen: Mean Green

Killstreaks Active

''Spoderman crafted this amazing alien-protection device for me!''

The Isolated Merc

The MK 50

The Nostromo Napalmer

Item Set Bonus:

Increased Nostromo Napalmer damage against Isolationist Pack Set

Increased Melee damage taken from Isolationist Pack Set

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