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Strange Coldfront Carapace

The minimal price on the Steam market 952,28 q.

Strange Coldfront Carapace

Strange, Cosmetic, Medic, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Strange Cosmetic Armor - Points Scored: 0

Assassin Grade Cosmetic Armor

Winter 2017 Cosmetics Collection


Hungover Hero

✔ Coldfront Carapace

The Cat's Pajamas

The Handsome Hitman

Melody of Misery

Burning Beanie

Coldfront Commander

Wild West Whiskers

Sledder's Sidekick

Trucker's Topper

Pocket Yeti

Brass Bucket

The Sinner's Shade

Polar Bear

Puffy Polar Cap

Down Tundra Coat

Pocket Santa

The Caribou Companion

Blast Blocker

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