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Unusual Cranial Carcharodon

Item is missing on the STEAM marketplace.

Unusual Cranial Carcharodon

Unusual, Cosmetic, Pyro, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 74 Hat

Mercenary Grade Hat

Paint Color: Color No. 216-190-216

★ Unusual Effect: Neutron Star

Creepy Crawly Collection

Combustible Cutie

Class Crown

Burly Beast

Pestering Jester


Lil' Bitey

Big Topper

Heavy Tourism

The Corpus Christi Cranium

Spirit of the Bombing Past

The Toadstool Topper

The Wing Mann

★ The Cranial Carcharodon

The Wide-Brimmed Bandito


The El Paso Poncho

Colossal Cranium

Nasty Norsemann

The Surgeon's Sidearms

Mad Mask


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