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Unusual Fat Man's Field Cap

Item is missing on the STEAM marketplace.

Unusual Fat Man's Field Cap

Unusual, Cosmetic, Heavy, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

Level 88 Hat

Mercenary Grade Hat

Paint Color: Ye Olde Rustic Colour

★ Unusual Effect: Omniscient Orb

Unleash the Beast Cosmetic Collection

The Slithering Scarf

The Aztec Warrior

Jungle Wreath


Sacrificial Stone

The Conspicuous Camouflage

Pocket Saxton

The Hot Huaraches

Feathered Fiend

The Crit Cloak

Aloha Apparel

★ Fat Man's Field Cap

Deity's Dress

Vitals Vest

Sharp Chest Pain

Battle Boonie

The Cammy Jammies

Siberian Tigerstripe

Commando Elite

Heavy Harness

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Unusual Fat Man's Field Cap
Unusual Fat Man's Field Cap

Team Fortress 2

Level 69 Hat

45 500 q