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Festivized Specialized Killstreak Electroshocked Tomislav (Well-Worn)

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Festivized Specialized Killstreak Electroshocked Tomislav (Well-Worn)

Decorated weapon, Primary weapon, Heavy, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

This item name is changed to: ''충격과 공포의 레몬맛 토미슬라프''

Elite Grade Minigun (Well-Worn)


20% faster spin up time

20% more accurate

Silent Killer: No barrel spin sound

Sheen: Deadly Daffodil

Killstreaks Active

20% slower firing speed

''Translated from Korean: Thot Annihilator''

Black Market Business


The Family Business

The Eviction Notice

The Capo's Capper

Scream Fortress X Collection

✔ Electroshocked War Paint

Tumor Toasted War Paint

Ghost Town War Paint

Skull Study War Paint

Spectral Shimmered War Paint

Calavera Canvas War Paint

Spirit of Halloween War Paint

Horror Holiday War Paint

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Haunted Ghosts War Paint

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