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Warbird Weapons Case

Item is missing on the STEAM marketplace.

Warbird Weapons Case

Unique, Crate, Craftable

Team Fortress 2

This Case is locked and requires a
Tough Break Key to open.

Contains an item from the Warbird Collection.

Warbird Collection

Killer Bee Scattergun

Warhawk Rocket Launcher

Warhawk Grenade Launcher

Red Bear Shotgun

Warhawk Flame Thrower

Butcher Bird Minigun

Airwolf Sniper Rifle

Blitzkrieg Stickybomb Launcher

Corsair Medi Gun

Airwolf Knife

Blitzkrieg Medi Gun

Blitzkrieg Pistol

Blitzkrieg Revolver

Blitzkrieg SMG

Airwolf Wrench

Corsair Scattergun

Butcher Bird Grenade Launcher

Blitzkrieg Knife

Case Global Unusual Effect(s)

★ Unusual Effect: Hot

★ Unusual Effect: Isotope

★ Unusual Effect: Cool

Case Global Bonus Item(s)

Paint Cans!
Taunt Unusualifiers!
MvM Tickets!
And TF2 Tools!

Inspect for full list of unusual effects and more details

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