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Heroic Emerald Frenzy Amulet

The minimal price on the Steam market 16,33 q.

Heroic Emerald Frenzy Amulet

Common, Heroic, Wearable, Bristleback

Dota 2

Common Amulet

Used By: Bristleback


Emerald Frenzy

Emerald Frenzy Spikes

Emerald Frenzy Flail

Emerald Frenzy Helmet

Emerald Frenzy Glove

Emerald Frenzy Amulet

You know how it goes: you meet some people who like to fight, you fight them, and you keep their best bits for yourself!


Double Kill

mraz of Unknown Team scored a multi kill against RuSh3D.Moscow on Jan 23, 2014 (6:04:00).

MatchID: 480814038

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