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Heroic Claddish Guard

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Heroic Claddish Guard

Rare, Heroic, Wearable, Kunkka

Dota 2

Rare Shoulder Guards

Used By: Kunkka


Armaments of Leviathan

Admiral's Foraged Cap

Admiral's Stash

Claddish Gauntlets

Claddish Guard

Claddish Hightops

Neptunian Sabre

Admiral's Salty Shawl

Ye Olde Pipe

A high collar keeps salty waters and harsh weather from marring Kunkka's visage, while heavy shoulder-plates have deflected many a tooth and claw belonging to such abominations as lurk in the murky waters.


Double Kill

Hicky of Ua.RovnoCity scored a multi kill against ARBYZ-TEAM on Jan 23, 2014 (9:41:44).

MatchID: 481076301

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