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Heroic Deep Warden's Darkray Cape

The minimal price on the Steam market 12,63 q.

Heroic Deep Warden's Darkray Cape

Common, Heroic, Wearable, Slark

Dota 2

Common Cape

Used By: Slark


Deep Warden's Haul

Deep Warden's Conch Pauldron

Deep Warden's Tooth Bracer

Deep Warden's Darkray Cape

Deep Warden's Seized Hood

Deep Warden's Prized Scimitar

There's not a lot to a darkray, but you'll find what's there to be pretty durable.


Double Kill

@Murdokh AFK 10 DAYS of Annie scored a double kill against on Feb 26, 2014 (14:15:05).

MatchID: 540170195
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Heroic Deep Warden's Darkray Cape
Heroic Deep Warden's Darkray Cape

Dota 2

Common Cape

110 q

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