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Inscribed Provocation of Ruin Pauldron

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Inscribed Provocation of Ruin Pauldron

Immortal, Inscribed, Wearable, Juggernaut

Dota 2

Immortal Wearable

Used By: Juggernaut


Provocation of Ruin

Provocation of Ruin

{a}Provocation of Ruin Bracers{/a}

{a}Provocation of Ruin Pauldron{/a}

{a}Provocation of Ruin Mask{/a}

{a}Provocation of Ruin Belt{/a}

{a}Provocation of Ruin Sword{/a}

{a}Provocation of Ruin Ward{/a}

There lived those amongst the masked ones who had--through violation of one creed or another--been stripped of their honor and made to exist on the outskirts of society, unmasked and unable to influence the affairs of the Isle. Oft victimized by the common folk and lords alike, to defend these wretched folk even in the face of highborn deviance would invite certain exile--a fate considered far worse.

First Bloods: 0
Inscribed Gem
Blade Dance Crits: 102
Inscribed Gem
Blade Fury Damage: 31929
Inscribed Gem
Kills: 27
Inscribed Gem
Couriers Purchased: 1
Inscribed Gem

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