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Corrupted Queen of the Jack Bomber

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Corrupted Queen of the Jack Bomber

Mythical, Corrupted, Wearable, Batrider

Dota 2

Mythical mount

Used By: Batrider


Default Style

Ambient Effect Unlock (Locked)

Burning Jack Bomber

{a}Cap of the Jack Bomber{/a}

{a}Queen of the Jack Bomber{/a}

{a}Burning Jacks{/a}

{a}Cloak of the Jack Bomber{/a}

Ambient particle effects can be unlocked on this item using the Tribute Upgrade Infuser - Fall Season 2015.

Kills: 4436
Inscribed Gem
Demons Imprisoned: 86
Foulfell Shard
Kill Assists: 1427
Inscribed Gem
Games Watched: 35

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