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Bracers of the Hierophant

The minimal price on the Steam market 1,40 q.

Bracers of the Hierophant

Common, Standard, Wearable, Omniknight

Dota 2

Common Bracer

Used By: Omniknight

Gift From: Shizui

Date Received: Jul 23, 2019 (2:40:19)

The Hierophant's Protection

{a}Chestplate of the Hierophant{/a}

{a}Heavy Pauldrons of the Hierophant{/a}

{a}Holy Words of the Hierophant{/a}

{a}Bracers of the Hierophant{/a}

{a}Hammer of Hope{/a}

{a}Hood of the Hierophant{/a}

A Hierophant of the Omniscience must always guard against any threat.

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Bracers of the Hierophant
Bracers of the Hierophant

Dota 2

Common Bracer

22 q