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Auspicious Pauldron of Al-Fusha

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Auspicious Pauldron of Al-Fusha

Common, Auspicious, Wearable, Nature's prophet

Dota 2

Common Pauldron

Used By: Nature's Prophet

New Bloom 2014

Scion of the Savage

{a}Staff of the Tusk-Bereft{/a}

{a}Horns of the Forest Lord{/a}

{a}Doubly Braided Beard{/a}

{a}Pauldron of Al-Fusha{/a}

{a}Tusked Bracers{/a}

Al-Fusha was a great satyr general in service to Verodicia. It is said that he fell in battle and much of his wargear lost. Of it, this spiked and goddess-blessed pauldron remains.

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