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Heroic Nightwatcher's Bracers

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Heroic Nightwatcher's Bracers

Common, Heroic, Wearable, Skywrath mage

Dota 2

Common Bracers

Used By: Skywrath Mage

The Nightwatcher

{a}Nightwatcher's Bracers{/a}

{a}Nightwatcher's Mask{/a}

{a}Nightwatcher's Belt{/a}

{a}Nightwatcher's Guard{/a}

{a}Nightwatcher's Staff{/a}

In the dark of the Nightwatch, it is critical to be able to tell friend from foe at a glance. These distinctive bracers have prevented many a case of mistaken identity.


First Blood

orveG of Gevrek scored first blood against Partyruller of BurnToLose on Feb 12, 2014 (13:28:41).

MatchID: 517954808

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