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Auspicious Wings of Obelis Helmet

The minimal price on the Steam market 1 q.

Auspicious Wings of Obelis Helmet

Uncommon, Auspicious, Wearable, Chen

Dota 2

Uncommon helmet

Used By: Chen

New Bloom 2014

Gift From: Three Dogs

Date Received: Dec 26, 2014 (15:03:17)

Dedication: Un oggetto per il tuo eroe preferito


Wings of Obelis

Wings of Obelis Shoulders

Wings of Obelis Mount Armor

Wings of Obelis Arms

Wings of Obelis Helmet

Wings of Obelis Mount

Wings of Obelis Staff

Infused with the spirit.

Games Watched: 7
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Auspicious Wings of Obelis Helmet
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Helmet

Dota 2

Uncommon helmet

4 q

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