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Inscribed Featherfall Locks

The minimal price on the Steam market 5,11 q.

Inscribed Featherfall Locks

Rare, Inscribed, Wearable, Windranger

Dota 2

Rare Hair

Used By: Windranger


{a}Featherfall Quiver{/a}

{a}Featherfall Spaulders{/a}

{a}Featherfall Locks{/a}

{a}Featherfall Cloak{/a}

{a}Featherfall Bow{/a}

Hair tied up and out of the way, she tops it off with a feathery headscarf for a breezy, carefree, I-just-shot-you-in-the-face look.

Victories: 12
Inscribed Gem

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