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Heroic Sylvan Guard's Dress Armor

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Heroic Sylvan Guard's Dress Armor

Rare, Heroic, Wearable, Drow ranger

Dota 2

Rare armor

Used By: Drow Ranger

Sylvan Guard's Finery

{a}Sylvan Guard's Boots{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Bow{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Cape{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Hair{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Quiver{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Cuffs{/a}

{a}Sylvan Guard's Dress Armor{/a}

It must be admitted: Drow admires the Sylvan Guard. When from time to time she puts on their gear, and pretends to adopt their ways, she can hardly suppress her joy in having an excuse to don this stylish armor.


Double Kill

Afoninje of HellRaisers scored a double kill against Team Secret on Nov 17, 2014 (14:45:45).

MatchID: 1032414530

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