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Corrupted Ornaments of the Gleaming Seal

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Corrupted Ornaments of the Gleaming Seal

Rare, Corrupted, Wearable, Phantom assassin

Dota 2

Rare Honored Shoulders

Used By: Phantom Assassin

Dread of the Gleaming Seal Set

Belt of the Gleaming Seal

Cape of the Gleaming Seal

Brooch of the Gleaming Seal

Ornaments of the Gleaming Seal

The Gleaming Seal

Though they shine by moonlight, in truth the blades serve to draw the eye away from death's true instrument.

These Player Items are created in partnership with your favorite player, who receives a portion of every purchase.

Games Watched: 6
Godlike Sprees: 15
Inscribed Gem
First Bloods: 3
Inscribed Gem
Victories: 68
Inscribed Gem
Demons Imprisoned: 17
Foulfell Shard

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