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Crumbling Island Arena Pass

The item is not available on the STEAM marketplace.

Crumbling Island Arena Pass

Common, Standard, Tool, Other

Dota 2

Common Custom Game Ticket

This item cannot be listed on the Steam Community Market.

This pass activates premium content in the Crumbling Island Arena custom game and supports the creators of this custom game.

Owning a Crumbling Island Arena Custom Game Pass will Unlock:

3 cosmetic items, 3 hero voice emotes, 3 taunts.

Pass Experience and Levels. Each level unlocks more items, emotes and taunts.

Access to daily quests. Completing quests will reward Pass Experience.

Access to Pass Level leaderboards. Top 5 players are displayed on the loading screen and on the game's website.

Gold text color in chat.

Expires 30 days after purchase.

This item will expire on Oct 31, 2016 (12:34:39).

( Not Deletable )

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